Sunday, August 30, 2009

The College Life!

So currently I am sitting at my desk in my amazing dorm room (I know, you don't hear that very often!) and I am loving the college life! Last Friday I set of on an amazing backpacking adventure, and as a result I feel prepared and confident enough to begin my classes tomorrow!

Friday was an extremely hectic day. We set off from the sheraton and checked into the Davis Center. I then got my backpacking gear checked, and met my group leaders, and set off to drop of my supplies in my dorm. Mom helped me make my bed, and we went back to the student center to say goodbye. Amazingly, I refrained from crying...probably because everything happened so quickly that I had no time to think about it! I can't say the same for mom though, she couldn't stop crying...the car ride up, in the dorm room, at the student center. It was heartbreaking to say the least. Anyways, as soon as mom left, I met my group and we got driven up to the trail head. This first day of hiking was unexpectedly difficult, and set the tone for the rest of the adventure. We has some amazing views and great times with the group, but this was undoubtedly some of the hardest hiking I had experienced in my life. My group bonded well, and it is really great to know some faces around campus, but we aren't best friends like some of the other groups. Anyways, moving on...

The first night back in civilization was difficult. I was alone in my dorm, tired and homesick, missing all my friends. I heard people in the hall happily conversing while I sat unpacking I room. The night got worse when I realized that no dining halls were open at all, and I was left to order food randomly to satisfy my hunger. The rest of the night consisted of me sitting in my room eating a salad and cinni-stix from dominos, and basically just crying and unloading all my belongings. It was not one of my best nights. But now, I am glad to say, that I am having SUCH a great time! Meeting my room mate went so well, and we have had so many activities planned out for us that there is no time to think about anything else! As a floor, we have all gone to breakfast and dinner together, and we have participated in game shows and safety presentations. Last night, we did an activity as a building called "open doors and smores." Everyone in the GreenHouse building opened up their doors and everyone mingled and conversed in eachothers rooms. This was so great to meet people in our building, and I am so glad that we are all so friendly and chill! After the open doors we went out to the "green roof" of our building and had smores! We also played some games and had tons of fun! Afterwards I went to a dance party in a friend's room, and then came back to my dorm and had a great time just hangin out....had some of my first vermont double bag beer! Yumm. Also, just as a side note, my floor usually has the lingering scent of weed...gotta love UVM!! Haha anyways, classes start tomorrow, and I have successfully found the location of all of them, and I am actually really excited! Haha who would have thought! Okay well I am going to try to upload a video of my dorm room and show you guys how awesome it I will leave all the college babble at that..

Favorite Ice Cream: Ben and Jerry's Phish Food...(It only seems fitting!!)

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